House Rules

    please stay with the group you came with only and use all 6' social distancing from other groups
  • Absolutely no smoking in any area of the walk through or lines
  • No alcohol or drugs of any type or weapons permitted on the property at any time
  • No lighters flashlights cell phone light laser lights food or drinks will be allowed in the Haunt walk
  • No running or pushing ever
  • Do not enter the halls of Madness attractions if you are subject to epileptic seizures, if you are pregnant or if you have any heart problems
  • You will not be allowed to carry young children through the haunt in your arms
  • Do not touch props or actors at any time this is grounds for removal without a refund
  • The staff of the halls of Madness has the right to remove anyone displaying anything that will harm you or us at any time at our discretion without refund
  • You will be subject to, loud noises, startle effects, fog,strobe lights, uneven surfaces, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • Not responsible for your vehicles lock them at all times, used common sense in your dress attire
  • We are not responsible for your clothing, shoes, or anything you decide to bring to a haunted attraction, just use common sense
  • We at the Halls of Madness run a very safe responsible haunt we wish to give you the Fright of your life in a safe environment
  • Have fun and as always we will be waiting