• Slaughter Farm - $10
  • our second haunt will Not be Running during Madness In May.
  • Hate to wait pass Not available this season )
  • ATTENTION!!!!!!!! We want to do our part in keeping everyone safe while this pandemic is still around . We have put in place several Ways to help do that , although nobody can guarantee the risk of catching covid-19 the CDC guidelines will be in place with 6-foot distancing rules for your group and others, you will not be allowed to join a group that you did not come with, there will be sanitize stations throughout the entrance, every hour at the top of the hour the show will stop for 10 minutes while we do a complete sanitizer spray down in high- probable touch areas such as any walls, guided ropes in queue line, and our porta potties. Please do your part in helping us have a safe haunted attraction THANK YOU we will see you soon and we will be waiting.

  • Interested in a private party with your group at the halls of madness?

    Includes two hours of a personal fire, a table and discounted tickets.

    Use the Contact Us page to arrange your party!