Madness In May is when we open our SLAUGHTER FARM for a mid season Haunted attraction,on your extended weekend . When you wanna come off the Lake and out of your garage or backyards bring your friends out and scream,or laugh at those screaming and have a great safe horror filled time with our backwoods freaks . Please know we here at the Halls of madness Haunted attraction, are a 100% OUTDOOR attraction , Also our capacity has to be limited so if you arrive and cannot get into the Midway know there will be an overflow area please use your CDC guidelines posted everywhere by social distancing and wait your turn to enter our Midway through our temp check station. We at the halls of Madness Slaughter farm are doing everything we can to provide a safe experience this season the show will be modified and back to normal when all of this has return to normalcy. We thank you for your understanding also a side note since we will not be as aggressive and what we always say in your face up and close this may be a good year for you who do not like that type of a experience. At the top of every hour the show will stop for 10 minutes while every actor and every spot will spray down their area and disinfect . there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the Midway for your convenience and safety. we care about you and we care about keeping people in an healthy mind by being able to attend an attraction while safety is in action . See you soon ... The Halls of madness staff here at The Slaughter farm


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Vote for Halls of Madness!